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0 recipe exclamation point men in women's

50 recipe exclamation point man in women's

The man who is attracted to women? Question is going on in the mind of many men, so many of the Web
 sites and Bastard studies show that from which man has plenty of attractive qualities, wish you here the 50 most beloved recipe of women in a man:1 - clear and has a comfortable look, an eye showing the strongest evidence on the nature of the person and morals, they pronounce every tongue and do not need an interpreter, men speak with their eyes eloquent than talking with their tongues.2 - on the verge of life and confident of himself, self Confidence Index succeed When you are confident of yourself others will trust you, and then  women themselves.3 - Height, man run more effective and attractive to women and provides them with a sense of safety and comfort, thus increasing the chance of finding a suitable partner for him, but the man short stature goes to compensation greater effort at work to prove its efficiency in front of the opposite sex, and if he can provide a sense of safety and comfort of the women will not ask for its length.4 - force structure and muscular, does not mean it to be in force for the players wrestling, women see men harmonic body is very attractive, with a choice of appropriate clothing5 - Blood lightness and fun, to accept women on fast fun guy humor, Fajita blood can solve problems by turning to the perky attitude, while hard man turning into a tragedy.6 - intelligence and ingenuity, "the man skillful in his work even with the Kings," how, if he was good with women? The woman tempted smart guy Able to speak and who can Horsehair and innovate in the style of the dialogue with the man's intelligence and reassure women and make them convinced  men.
.7 - experience the nature of women, women love a man expert in nature because it does not force them to understand their nature break he knows that women do not break the emotional passion logic and the logic of forcing her to undergo, but came from her passion and accepted by the often contradictory.8 - wealth, money and wealth and power may compensate women for many shortcomings in a man, especially if he lacks emotion, it shows the strength and security and comfort and also gravity.9 - physical contact, touch is the strongest raises feelings of attraction and empties negative emotions, and physical contact is an important part of building the emotional and psychological health of couples woman loves her husband to continue with her physically at all times, not the time to practice intimacy just as do most men.10 - brave, brave man loves a woman and a man hates cowardly, because courage is embodied in the meaning and force protection.11 - attractive smile, smile attractive man shaking the hearts of women, have a strong influence on them and their beauty magician12 - the focus of the work, if women are able watching while working on a task, they often feel attracted towards you.13 - play a musical instrument, do you wonder why rock stars get the girls always? There are many reasons, but in the end the performers of musical instruments more attractive than others.14 - elegance, women creature cares about appearances, and like a man who cares about his appearance and show elegance and taste high, he should know that women are not like him, the man loves his mind while you love women in her heart and her eyes and ears, which are considered interest in appearance among the things that reflect his personality, while The man has neglected this aspect of himself.15 - deep voice, your voice says a lot about you because the effect of the sound of men over women is stronger than the effect of a woman's voice on the man's woman is able to infer many things by talking about how confident and how your culture and how good your style through your voice, in the sense that women have the ability to collect several information about you through what you hear, and this provides an opportunity for greater vulnerability.16 - smell of sweat, the smell of sweat is the man that makes women are attracted to him or fending him off, the smell of sweat very low level is very attractive to women. It raises a sense of excitement in women. However, do not go too far and make you smell foul. This repellent.17 - The leader of the dominant, to be a leader recipe is very attractive to women, they indicate the status and importance of social and decision-making, and women feel that the man should be the dominant naturally.18 - The man who loves children more attractive, a study showed that men who love children more attractive to women than men  hormone testosterone, which highlights aspects of their manhood
 19 - The man who shows interest, the man who cares about women emotionally and spiritually, even when women are not in need of such attention or even if you did not call him and who never forgets birthdays, the anniversary of the marriage is the number one guy in women.20 - man open to reasonable limits, an exclamation of men and women who do not get out of Shara is not that prohibits what Allah has permitted nor which analyzes what is forbidden by God.21 - positive, Perineum generally very attractive, if you can show them on the bright side of things and discuss the language of power and nice and adheres to the values ​​and waive minor'll admire that.22 - generosity, generosity that plays a role in the promotion of gravity between the sexes,Character  generosity in person contributes to increase its attractiveness and qualify to enter into relationships, especially women who Gravitated men who initiate the tender, unlike men who are not attracted to Available . 
23 - nails, no longer of interest nails, hands and feet exclusively on women, but a lot of men heading toward care Fingernails both in terms of health or cosmetic to reflect the elegance of a private, man who cares fingernails attracts women24 - The length hair, most women do not tend to average length nor long hair on men. Women prefer if the man was the owner of a hair light that Barber  completely. The story of the soldiers and Marines are popular among many women.25 - impurity hair, white hair will not hurt your appearance at all, on the contrary, majority of the women they see as a manifestation of gravity imparts a lot of magic. So we advise you to keep these white hairs you do not know how to think about women!26 - the first appearance of the beard and mustache or aspiring pal Dirty look, look attractive and is pointing to the majority of women, giving more masculinity and beauty on the face, especially if the skin is clear and free of allergies and acne.27 - teeth, teeth man is an important part of its appeal, and even if the guy was a beautiful yellow teeth with all his effort will go unheeded as that disclosed smile or smile in front of women.28 - His dark skin, most women tend to men with black partitions, because levitate them suggest masculinity, mystery and danger, the factors that evoke women generally!29 - romantic guy, women love to be appreciated by men and her feel that she loved, and the man does so romantic and romantic means used to show her that he thinks at all times, in addition to this is to feel free to express her feelings in front of a man Inserting it in its own way.30 - emotional, emotional superiority of men for the handsome and good-looking and suave manners in the choices women around the favorite man for marriage. Where a poll showed that 79% of women prefer emotional guy.31 - innocence, is not fun when you know everything, and I tried everything. A little bit of innocence is attractive because it makes you more human. There is always something you have not tried, and allow her to invite her to his knowledge and his attempt with you. Asked her advice would be good, too.32 - integrity, straight men dream of every girl and women living under the umbrella of a straight man know the taste of a paradise on earth.33 - sobriety, women love a man sober, trustworthy and Clam (except for).34 - jealousy, women love a man who envies them because they instinctively realize that jealousy guide and cherished love and attention, but not to increase the jealousy from the border and not turn to horror and under.35 - that loved for themselves, no matter how few women of education and culture in the love they have the sixth sense distinguish correctly between them from the likes of her money or her salary or Jah people or so and every woman her wish in life that loved the same man.36 - meet, it is the most important and supervised qualities you love women in men to feel that they live the life of a humanitarian in every sense of the word.37 - strong character, and strength of character are you interested in women in a man is not the (rude fellow) does not control the dictatorship but personal manhood integrated in a position to meet the challenges of the construction of the road ahead and impose the right, at the same time personal capable of love, tenderness and compassion and kindness in their positions.38 - insured, women prefer a man with no religious believer hyperbole, and the man in the religion that honors loved them, but did not love her no injustice, religion book about injustice, as it protects from falling into the vices.39 - magnanimity, the man Gallant who love women who believe that their relationship is not just a desire to get them but a relationship based on unconditional exchange to obtain versus woman alienated from the man researcher always gains and contrast, and tend to the man Gallant and Servants without waiting Vs.40 - candor, women do not prefer the man and the elusive mystery in their relationship with the man you love and frank with them from the beginning of the road.41 - Non-traditional, women are attracted to men always renewed and atypical in his clothing and behave in a manner different from his peers.42 - Man diplomat, women are attracted to men diplomat, who mastered the art of dealing with it and coming up with events and offers gifts and feel as worthy of his love and possession of his heart.43 - quick-witted, women prefer to be with a man who raises the mind thinking about another "dead".44 - hard, if you pursue your goals someone else to do so. This is very attractive because it shows that willpower is not enjoyed by a lot of men.45 - Confident  himself, is a man who feels safe and confident in himself and his firm and is surrounded by an aura of power and authority in the relationship, and this man is not jealous of other people do not feel threatened because of her colleague at work or her former fiance or any other man.46 - selective, if you are selective, it means you are not a requirement and a great value, enough for many people to want you.47 - experience, maturity will be very exciting. If you know What to do they will appreciate it greatly.48 - to be a competitor, playing hard to get What is contained  applies to women as it is for men. People want what they can not have, and if they had to work for something that will appreciate so much.49 - humility, no one likes condescension and pride overload. Humility is very attractive. There's nothing better than a girl know a good thing for you by a friend.50 - be yourself, man who Dost on Nature honors in the memory of women and do not forget, you should not try to pretend to be anything but yourself.

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